Traditional Drawing / Digital Drawing

 Drawing with Genius graphic tablet, in Ps CS 2
 Traditionally drawing, pencil on paper
There is a difference between the real drawing line and the virtual one.
In Ps, the first drawing, lines are more shaky, that's why there are much more lines, to highlight the appropriate shape. But it's still a nice looking drawing, not a poky ugly one, though you are struggling more to do it. There are softwares that help you draw real natural lines, so no more hard lining in Ps:) which is more helpful for graphic, photo editing etc.

Fairies illustration

    From drawing to colouring illustration of Seasons Fairies Parade
There I used pencil on paper for drawing them. It was in 2008
Then I scanned it and painted in Ps CS 2. One of the greatest things in drawing digital is the possibility to make layers for different elements of an illustration.

Here I couldn't colour under the out line. Becouse at that time I had not been drawing with a graphic tablet of my own, yet. Nevertheless I had some time of experience in with graphic tablet, as having worked at NetRom Company a couple of years before, as digital painting illustrator.
And this is coloured above the scanned drawing photo layer, with the mouse. It is a pain, but still a pleasure if you know it will look good and you like painting, of course.

Drawing and graphic tablet, software possibilities.

Drawing for a boy riding

Graphic tablet Wacom Bamboo, drawing with software PS.CS.3
Would it be enough Ps? as it seems we need something more. There have appeared more other performing various programs, more reliable at least as line drawing.

But in Manga Studio 5, for example it seems to be difficult to save your files in different format extensions. I intend to start using it anyway. Even though it's possible to have to bring it in Ps for saving in specific formats. But it seems to be full of much more opportunity to draw real life lines with preset brushes. For me it would be enough its saving preferences, as for comics and illustrations working.